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商务函电回复范文 第1篇


1 ESP: English for Specific/Special Purposes 专门用途英语

2 BE: Business English 商务英语

3 Correspondence for Import & Export 进出口函电

4 Good quality stationery 优质信笺信纸

5 Neat typing 整洁

6 Even spacing 间隔匀称

7 Short paragraphs 段落精短

8 Correct Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation 语法、拼写、标点正确


1 potential business 潜在业务

2 prospective customer 潜在顾客

3 customers of long standing 长期顾客

4 potential supplier 潜在供应商

5 trade fair 贸易博览会

6 the latest issue of 最新一期…

7 integrated software package 完整软件包

8 substantial order 大宗订单

9 quantity discount 数量折扣

10 cash discount 现金折扣

11 list price 标价、目录价格

12 export terms 出口条件

13 pictured/illustrated catalog 带插图的商品目录

14 article number / Art. No. 货号

15 bulk buyer 大买户

16 business concern 商行

17 business relations / relationship 业务关系

18 business status 业务状况

19 commercial counselor 商务参赞

20 commercial counselor’s office 商务参赞处

21 means of packing 包装方法

22 parent company 母公司

23 sales literature 促销资料

24 trading association 贸易关系

25 trade journal 行业刊物

26 firm offer 实盘

27 non-firm offer: offer without engagement 虚盘

28 trade discount 同业/批发折扣

29 bill of exchange (bill / draft; B/E) 汇票

30 documents against payment: D/P 付款交单

31 shipping documents 装运单据

32 line of business 业务/经营范围

33 specific inquiry 具体询价


1 regular customer 老顾客

2 be in a position to do 能够

3 for your consideration/reference 供你方考虑/参考

4 promotional novelties 促销小礼品

5 profit margin 利润赚头/幅度

6 by separate post/mail/cover: separately 另邮/函

7 bathroom fittings 浴室设备

8 building contractor 建筑承包商,营造商

9 net price 净价

10 cash with or

商务函电回复范文 第2篇




in before email attached ,including the xxx picture.(看,简约至此,称谓,落款全省了.高!但若发至的不是个人邮箱,恐怕对方也就收不到了.于是不得不连名带姓的重发一次,看来这时间也不一定真能节省下来.)


Thanks for your mail. As for the copy of CE and SAA, I will fax them to you within these two days.(“within two days”? fax是及时性的动词,你是说你要花上两天的时间去传真?这样的话,我就不得不在传真机跟前不吃不喝地干等两天?拜托,如果不能确定具定传真时间,就请说“I’ll advise you the exact fax time once confirmation”)


Per your information, you would like us to quote you the prices as below. Pls kindly check. Thanks. XXX


Thanks for your Email. But I would like to know your customers’ opinion at first. How about their target prices?(到底是你的智商有问题,还是我的智商有问题?我不知道你的其它客户是否会在你第一次报价之后就告诉你目标价,但我肯定是要让你失望的啦,因为Iam not as stupid as you think.)


I have deleted a lot of email last week to save hard disk space. I will ask xxx to check that for you tomorrow morning, is that ok? (不会吧,这茶是否凉得也太早了一点?我们的单你们还在做着,现在就把我的邮件给全部删了?看来我们的事在您眼中是无足轻重呀).


商务函电回复范文 第3篇

Business English correspondence is a professional skill course for international trade majors. Now it is applied to business activities by means of English social means. It is a knowledge of business English widely used by graduate students in their work.

I have basically ed the basic knowledge of letter electricity of International Business English, skillfully used various formal communication methods of foreign correspondence, and correctly used professional English Technical terms, involving since the establishment of the business, letter of credit investigation, delivery, declaration, return, order, payment, transportation, insurance, claims, claims settlement and other trade links, to a single letter of credit, invoice, bill of lading and other documents, but also including confirmation, agreement, contract, etc., will enter the WTO and more and more enterprises will join the WTO with China's entry into the international market With the continuous development of the demand for foreign economic and trade practitioners, this transnational field commodity business, which creates good employment opportunities for different countries, belongs to two different countries or regions, so it is more complicated, more difficult and even challenging to engage in this kind of business activities than in China, which requires business personnel to have solid basic knowledge, And has a strong practical ability, in modern international business activities, well-trained use of business English and foreign English correspondence knowledge, the content learned in the classroom into practical work.



商务函电回复范文 第4篇



3333 Binhai Street,Liaoning,China

Tel: (0411)5000000 Fax:(0411)5000001

Zip code:116001

September 13,


Senior Shipping Clerk

Northgranary Cereals,Inc.

616 Taiyangdao Street

Harbin 116001

Dear :

Thank you for your fax of September 11. We are pleased to inform you that we have been able to secure the vessel you asked for.

She is the SS Bohai and is docked at present in has a cargo capacity of eight thousand tons,is a bulk carrier,and has a speed of 24 knots which will certainly be able to make the number of trips you mentioned.

Please fax us to confirm the charter and we will send you the charter party.

Yours sincerely,

Liu Hanchen

Charter Department

商务函电回复范文 第5篇



Dear Sirs,

We have obtained your address from the Commercial Counsellor of your Embassy in London and are now writing you for the establishment of business relations. We are very well connected with all the major dealers here of light industrial products, and feel sure we can sell large quantities of Chinese goods if we get your offers at competitive prices. As to our standing, we are permitted to mention the Bank of England, London, as a reference.

Please let us have all necessary information regarding your products for export.

Yours faithfully